Juniper IPA soap

Juniper IPA soap

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Who doesn't need a little nip in the morning this time of year?

Damn Handsome Juniper IPA Beer Soap is the perfect holiday blend of juniper, smoked spruce tips, hops and spent grains - all ya need to make your morning clean up a little more jolly.

Notes of: Juniper Berry, Hops & Spruce

All Damn Handsome Soaps are handcrafted in small batches using vegetable oils, spent grains and, of course, local beer. Cut by hand so sizing may vary. *Always green conscious & never tested on animals.

Dry out in-between uses for a long lasting bar.

Natural | Handcrafted | Vegan | Approx. 4.25oz

Why we think this partner is GREATER: At Damn Handsome, they value what’s useful, what is classic, well-made, hardworking and long-lasting. This is why their goal was to sustain a brand that is useful without introducing unnecessary waste into the carbon cycle. They use recycled goods from craft brewers to make all their soap products.  Their motto is simple: Work Hard. Do Good. Stay Handsome. It's their commitment to the lives and livelihoods behind each product they produce. And that's why for every Damn Handsome purchase they donate soap to those in need.

In most breweries across the US approximately 90% of brewed ingredients go to waste, these “bottom of the barrel” ingredients are naturally beneficial for your skin. Brewer’s yeast is abundant with B vitamins, and biotin. Oats, hops, barley and wheat are mineral-rich super grains packed full of powerful antioxidants and proteins. And don't even get them started on hops! Those little beauties have been used as medicinal agents for ages, treating everything from ancient dermatitis to hair-loss. 

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